Q: What type of service can I expect?

A: I offer a professional, caring and very reliable pop in pet care service.  I have your pet's best interests at heart on my visits and they will get the loving one to one attention that they deserve.  


Q: I'm not sure if my dog needs a visit while I'm at work all day?

A: A home visit can really help to break up your dog's day while you're at work/out.  And you have the peace of mind that they are at home in a secure environment but still able to have an enriching visit and garden break.


Q: Why don't you offer home boarding/house sitting/dog day care?

A: You need a licence from the council to offer this service and I haven't applied for one as it's not a service I'm available for.  Please check that your chosen home boarder is licenced and insured before putting your dog in their care.


Q: Do you offer a dog walking service?

A: Currently I'm not offering a dog walking service.  You may see photos of me walking dogs on my Facebook page but these clients are long term clients and they are booked on a previous dog walking service that I offered which is no longer available to new clients.