A new privacy law regarding data has been introduced which is referred to as General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Due to this I have created this new privacy notice for my website so that you can see how Rugby’s Happy Pets uses and protects your data.


You have the right to know what data I hold about you, how I collect it, store it and keep it secure. I use your personal data to carry out all of the services that I provide as I need to know what address to go to, which key to use and which email address to send invoices and receipts to.  The data I store is on paper, digital and on my mobile phone so that when I'm out and about I can retrieve any information about your pets/property that you've provided me with.


I collect information from you starting on our first contact or your data may also be collected from a third party acting on your behalf i.e. a partner/other family member.

This information is collected and stored on my Pet and Owner information form which is for personal data collection only (no sensitive data is collected).  I will normally fill in this form with you on your Meet, Greet and Key collection visit so you can see what information is collected.  You will also need to sign a form to say you agree to my Terms and Conditions and have read my privacy notice.  I ask for an emergency contact on this form and you are responsible for telling this contact that I have their details and where to find this privacy notice to make sure they are in agreement with it before you give me their details.


All paper documents are kept safely and securely and my laptop and mobile are password protected.  Your key will be securely stored separately to your paper data with no reference to your address on but it will be coded so that I can match it to your file. Invoices and receipts will be emailed to you and these will have your name, your pets name, address and booking details on.  


I will only share your data with a vet for your pet's well-being or for lawful purposes and  I’m the only one in my home that will have access to your data.  You have the right to request to see the information that I hold for you and you are responsible for giving me accurate data and for keeping all of the data up to date.  You can also request it to be deleted.  I will keep your data on file for any future bookings unless you inform me to delete it.  In which case I will only keep a record of your name and postcode for my mileage and any relevant book keeping records for up to 6 years as required by HMRC.  Your invoices and receipts will also be kept as a record for HMRC.


I will use your data:

- To contact you to arrange your Meet, Greet and Key Collection visit either via my website enquiry form, Facebook Messenger/Page, email, text or phone call.

- To provide the services you have booked and to carry out your instructions

- To invoice and send you receipts for your records

- To contact you regarding the service, your pet or your property

- To improve my services and send offers but this will only be if you opt in and give me your consent

- To promote my business via the use of photos of your pet for marketing purposes.  The photos I use have no reference to you or your address.


If you make a booking/continue to book with Rugby's Happy Pets then you are giving me permission to hold any data I've collected. Please be assured I will keep your data safe and secure and if there is a breach I will notify you asap.


Data Protection Officer for Rugby's Happy Pets - Tracey Pearmain

Dated: 08/06/18

Privacy Notice